I’m not sure what I’m doing…

But here’s my idea: I’m going to try to write a short story, and I’m going to post it here. I’m not completely sure what qualifies a story to be considered a “Short Story,” but I suppose that — for the purposes of this blog — we’ll consider it a work of fiction that isn’t too long… Like, something that doesn’t have chapters, I guess? Try to keep it under 4000 words. And then, the thought is that OTHER people will write their own short stories (while they spend their time going stir crazy in quarantine), and they will then send them to me to read and post them here… For everyone else to read. And we can read those stories together while we try to cope with this new normal.

Send your stories to me at theboeskool@yahoo.com. You can choose whether or not you’d like me to post your name with your story… but here are the only rules: 1) It has to be a fictional story written by you. 2) It has to be written since this crazy coronavirus outbreak has begun (don’t post something you wrote 20 years ago in school). 3) You should try to have it contain some level of Hope. Not necessarily looking for “Happy” Stories — It can be sad or dark or funny or all three together — Because life can be all of those things… But there has to be some element of Hope to the telling of your tale. The world has enough hopelessness in it right now. And 4) I reserve the right to change or add to the rules if I feel like they need to be changed. How does that sound?

Last thing: I don’t know how to write fiction. This is an experiment for me… And I thought it would maybe be a therapeutic thing for some of us. Please be kind to people when they are brave enough to share something they have created. If you want to yell and disagree and tell me how stupid I am, feel free to visit my other blog page, “The Boeskool,” where I write about Jesus, Politics, & Bathroom Humor.

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